5 Tools for a More Productive 2016

Each new year brings opportunities to expand your business and improve how you work. This year, explore the many ways you can refine your day-to-day administrative tasks with help from some digital tools.

PC Mag describes how Evernote for iPhone can help you consolidate notes and synchronize files through a cloud service. This app makes sharing information with others virtually effortless.

If you like the original app, you may also be interested in Evernote Scannable. It provides the ability to capture notes, documents and business cards with your camera. 

Google Docs and Sheets
Google has made sharing and collaborating with others simple. Deliver, access, edit and create new files in a cloud-based environment.

Not only are Google Docs and Google Sheets available on desktop computers and laptops, but individuals can also download the mobile application to stay in the loop while on a smartphone or tablet. And, the storage capacity is substantial, making this product especially ideal for businesses. 

Premium: $2.99/month
For optimal task-management and list-making, consider using the free version of Any.do. it can help you and your team create and review daily tasks and goals.

The mobility of this app also allows employees to monitor projects and collaborate on the go. This makes it especially helpful for remote employees and traveling professionals.  


Premium: $6.00
Time management is a challenge for nearly every working professional.

Forbes recommends RescueTime to help you gain the insights you need to be more efficient. It can help you see how you and your employees spend your working hours, so you can take advantage of productivity trends throughout the day.

$19/month and up
Want to better manage tasks and streamline projects? Consider Freckle.

It enables employees to log the time spent on projects, break down time and budgets for tasks, and detail progress throughout a project’s development.

Additionally, it notifies you if a project is heading off track so you can help keep your projects on time and within budget. 

These are just a few of the countless tools available to help you stay organized and productive this year. Which can help you in your business?