How to Market to Millenials

Millennials, the largest generation in U.S. history, are a unique breed of shopper. Having grown up with technology as a central part of their lives, they expect much more from a brand than just the product or service it sells. They want engagement, social action and an emotional connection.

According to Entrepreneur, they also represent approximately $1.3 trillion in annual buying power.

So how do you capitalize on this opportunity and get millennials excited about your brand? Here are a few places to begin.

Engage them

Brand strategist Josh Tickell told that millennials respond well to brands that engage their emotions.

Focus on creating an emotional impact through your marketing and advertising. Not sure if your message will create the connections you seek? Ask millennials for their opinions. A simple survey can be a great way to find out if people like what you're doing.

Tickell adds that millennials also want you to ask their opinions. They’re often willing to give you ideas and testimonials, and appreciate brands that take their personal needs and preferences into account.

Turn them into your brand ambassadors

Millennials trust their friends, often seeking their friends' opinions before making a purchase.

According to Hubspot, 73 percent of millennials say it’s important to read the opinions of others before buying something. Entrepreneur added that 95 percent of millennials believe their friends are the most reliable source of information regarding products they are interested in buying.

You can help make sure your millennial customers tell their friends about you by giving them a great product, an exceptional experience and useful online content. Since they’re so accustomed to sharing online content with each other, provide helpful tips and tutorials they can use to recommend your brand and direct friends to your website.

Go mobile

According to call intelligence company Invoca, 52 percent of millennials make a purchase from their phones at least a few times per month, and 76 percent of millennials consider themselves addicted to their phones.

They use their phones for reading, texting, calling, research – and yes, purchasing. This makes a mobile-optimized website crucial. Millennials won’t waste their time navigating a clunky or confusing website on their phones.

Entrepreneur suggests making your landing pages mobile optimized and also making sure your graphics are small enough to quickly load on a phone.

These are just a few ways you can connect with the millennial generation. Just remember – the key is to always make a connection. Whether in person or online, that genuine emotional connection and shared experience will take your brand far.