Practical Advice for More Engaged Employees

Everyone talks about employee engagement, and how more engaged employees are more productive at work. But what does engagement really mean, and how can leaders make sure their workers are engaged?

According to Office Vibe, satisfied employees who are involved in the office do a better job. In fact, high levels of engagement improve employee turnover, safety at the workplace, quality of product and more. Companies with engaged employees report productivity and profitability increases of more than 20 percent.

Here are some tips to help create a workforce that’s happy, satisfied and willing to do the utmost for your business. 

Attend to your staff's wants and needs

One of the best ways to engage your workforce is also one of the simplest: Ask them what they need. Leaders should reach out to employees and ask whether they have the tools, resources and skills to do their best work, according to the blog eSkill.

If you find they need training, you may want to offer education opportunities to help employees develop skills that will bolster their ability to succeed at work.

And don’t forget about your benefits package, an important employee need. Ensure all of your staff is aware of what your business offers for retirement, health insurance and life insurance, and encourage them to purchase the coverage they need. If any updates or changes occur, hold a meeting to explain these changes.

Empower them to learn and grow

According to Forbes, you can further engage your employees placing them in situations where their full potential can be discovered, and then empowering them to develop their skills.

If an employee fails in a situation, treat it as an opportunity for growth and learning. Failure is difficult, but it is necessary for employee development. When employees fail, you’ll need to be there to pick them back up and situate them for a rebound. Discuss their mistakes and help them figure out how to move forward. Then, put your employee in a similar situation, to demonstrate your continued trust in his or her ability.

Support them when they need it

Employees need to know that you will support them when necessary. For example, if a client is too demanding or rude to your employees, show your staff that you have their back. Customers who cause a lot of fuss and hassle are often not worth the business, when you consider the toll they take on employee morale.

Express gratitude regularly

Did an employee shine in a meeting with a tough client? Finish a product well in advance of the due date? Go the extra mile to coach a new employee? These individuals are valuable to your team, and you should regularly express how thankful you are for their dedication and hard work. Expressing gratitude is a powerful way to motivate employees and inspire others to give their best on the job.

Have fun every once in awhile

An office environment where individuals feel comfortable unwinding and enjoying themselves after the work is completed is critical for overall job satisfaction. Your hardworking employees deserve a fun reward every now and then. Throw an office-wide pizza party, or head to a local cocktail bar for a couple of drinks.

Engaging employees requires strong leaders who know how to improve each employee's experience with the business. By offering certain perks and providing the right support, your business can improve engagement — and boost profitability as well.