Six Tips for Hiring the Best Talent for Your Business

Small businesses live or die based on the quality of their employees. So your hiring decisions have enormous impact on your company’s success.

But identifying the best talent for your particular workplace isn’t always easy. Assessing skills, determining fit, evaluating the relative strengths of multiple candidates – all of these are difficult, subjective tasks that can overwhelm a small business owner.

Here are six tips for hiring that can help you recruit a workforce that fits your business.

Consider potential

Quit searching for the perfect resume, and instead look for people with potential, says Business News Daily. When you interview, look for people who can navigate social situations and function well on teams. If they don’t have the entire skill set you’re looking for, you can fill in the gaps with training later on.

"Don't become pigeonholed into thinking the person with the exact necessary experience is the right person for the role," Tom Gimbel, CEO and founder of staffing and recruiting firm LaSalle Network told Business News Daily. "Consider soft skills like interpersonal skills, communication skills, thought processes and emotional intelligence because they matter."

Look to your interns

According to Forbes, it makes sense to revisit interns and other people who have worked with you previously when hiring a new full-time employee. You likely already know the strengths and weaknesses of your current interns, allowing you to make well-informed hiring decisions.

If you do not have an internship program, consider implementing one. They can provide you with a ready-made pool of potential candidates for openings you may have throughout the year. 

Tap into the power of social media

Entrepreneur suggests going social when you go recruiting. In fact, 92 percent of companies already use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find ideal candidates. With a strong social-recruiting strategy you can feel confident that your job postings are reaching your target audience.

Social media also serves as a valuable tool when it comes to evaluating applicants. Business News Daily suggests checking out the social media profiles of those who are interested in working with your business. You can gain a great deal of information about an individual based on the content they share and post. 

Recognize the importance of personality

When looking for someone to fulfill a role, always consider their personality. This factor largely dictates whether they will fit your company’s work style, and fit in with your other employees.

"What kind of person you hire depends on [the] culture of organization and the kind of job," Brusman told Business News Daily. "A great person with all kinds of skills may be [a] good fit for one and [a] poor fit for another, simply based on their personality type."

Prepare relevant questions in advance

When interviewing applicants, it’s helpful to have questions prepared. However, it’s critical to ensure that these questions will provide you with information that’s valuable. Make sure your questions allow candidates to express information that will help you determine if they are suitable for the job. 

"If you ask someone why they left their last job and they blame someone else, it's important to follow up with another question," Paul Harvey, a professor of management at the University of New Hampshire, told Business News Daily. "If they continue to blame external forces for their problems, you may want to look for another employee."