The ABCs of an Effective Job Listing

The listing you post for a job opening should attract the best candidates. Follow these simple tips to attract those with the talent, technical ability and character that will help your company continue to grow.


The Hiring Site recommends you begin by clearly and thoroughly identifying your expectations and what your employees will receive in return. From job duties and work hours to travel requirements and compensation, setting expectations up front will help qualify applicants from the outset.

As you do this, be sure to go beyond listing the starting salary. Expand on potential advancement opportunities, professional development, in-office perks and education – all of which can separate you from the competition. 

Also, don’t forget to provide detailed application instructions. Whether prospective employees will be applying in person or online, good instructions will help them find their way to you.


According to Dice’s The Definitive Guide to Creating Great Postings, an ideal job posting will depict your company’s character, values and office environment.

"Employees, especially millennials, care about the culture they are working in,” says Linda Blackmon, CEO of ExtendMyStaff, in the slideshare. “Give them a reason to opt in. Start simple with a brief summary or history about what makes your company stand out in the first 2-3 sentences of your job posting,"

By showcasing your company culture, you’re more likely to appeal to those who would appreciate and thrive in an environment like yours.

Current employees

Your current employees are often your best advertisement for any open position. Make sure they know about your availabilities and the types of candidates you’re looking for. Ask for their help in filling the available roles in your organization, and offer an incentive if you feel it’s appropriate. It may actually save you money if a referral helps you quickly find the perfect fit.  

You may also consider asking them to weigh in on your job descriptions to be sure they accurately reflect your business.

Happy hunting!