To Attract Millennials, Upgrade Your Environment

Are you looking to attract more millennials to your workforce? Want to inspire the ones you already have on staff? Help them make the most of their knowledge, energy and perspectives, by tailoring your work environment to embrace their work style.


Start with technology

Growing up with technology has made it an integral part of many millennials' lives. suggests businesses can be more appealing to young employees by providing them with some of the latest technology at work.

If you don’t already, consider equipping your staff with tablets and smart phones. Also, check to be sure everyone’s using the latest software on their computers and mobile devices.

Not only will your employees appreciate using the latest tools, your business may directly benefit from the tech upgrade. According to the Houston Chronicle, workplace technology can provide better:

  • Efficiency
  • Mobility
  • Communication

Keep it casual

Millennials may perform better at their jobs when they feel more comfortable in their environment. According to Time, 79 percent of millennials believe they should be able to wear jeans to work, and 93 percent prefer a work environment where they can dress in a way that makes them feel most comfortable. 

Consider revisiting your office dress code or implementing a casual-dress-day schedule. A little comfort may go a long way.

Offer more flexibility

Many young adults prefer to work at different times and places – wherever they can feel more productive. About 81 percent of millennials believe setting their own hours at work is a decision they should be able to make.

They enjoy working offsite when possible – either from their homes or at a favorite coffee shop in their neighborhood. As long as their work is completed and quality doesn’t suffer, it could be worthwhile to consider offering your employees work-from-home and offsite options.

Young professionals have a great deal to offer your business. From their creativity to their confidence and excitement, they can enhance your operation and help you connect with today’s consumer. Invest in their success. Because when you do, you invest in your own.