What’s On Your Employees’ Benefit Wish List?

Most everyone looks forward to having a little time off around the holidays. But are there other benefits that your employees want even more? Consider some of these options. They may give your employees new motivation – and new ideas – for the new year.

Matching 401(k)

According to Talent Culture, 72 percent of employees want a matching 401(k). Whether your staff consists more of baby boomers or millennials, they’ll all have to prepare for retirement. Helping them stash away cash for the future can generate positive dividends for everyone.

Insurance coverage

Nearly half of employees cite health coverage as one reason they stay with their current employers. And according to Talent Culture's infographic, 77 percent of employees want health care, 68 percent want dental and 53 percent want vision coverage through their employers.

Commuter benefits

According to Entrepreneur, many employees will appreciate a commuter benefit. Consider offering tax-free transportation fringe benefits to promote savings on payroll taxes. 


If you don’t already, consider allowing your more civic-minded employees to do some of their volunteer activities during work hours. It feels good to do good.

Vacation and sick days

According to U.S. News & World Report, many employees want to feel like they are able to take vacation time without feeling as though they are slacking. Check in with your employees to make sure they’re comfortable taking a few days off to refresh and recharge.


If your employees can complete their jobs from home, consider allowing them to telecommute. Working from home, on their own schedule, could be just the perk that some employees are looking for. This can be especially appealing to those who have children or pets who require attention throughout the work week. 

Opportunities for growth

Many employees crave continual professional development. Consider offering opportunities to further education, improve skills and expand current knowledge. Whether you subsidize certifications or send employees to industry-related conferences, the new ideas they’ll come back with are often worth the up-front investment.

‘Tis the season for giving. What creative benefits can you offer that will help keep your employees engaged and energized throughout the year?